Change Management

Change Management

Making dramatic improvements in the performance of business processes with objective fundamental rethinking and radical redesigning of management is called “Change Management.” Companies have to give great importance to planning, supervision, innovation, flexibility, quality service rather than speed of growth in this rapidly changing world. And the only solution to that new perspective of reality is change management system. According to Hammer and Champy’s experiences, three types of companies are applied to change management system.

+ First, companies which are in deep trouble, in desperate position. As if tossed in to wall and fall back on to floor.
+ Second, companies which are not yet in trouble position. They take the lead too fast, but their headlights do show something coming closer. Is there a wall or not?
+ Third, companies who are on top of mountain. They pawl their car on a sunny day, no barriers and thinking ; “ What a suitable time to create a wall to make other companies hit it!”

No matter what kind of company you are, methods and development of Dalfin will help you for finding exact solutions.

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