Financial Communication

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What is Financial Communication?

Financial communication is the kind of a news channel for listed companies which investors and other interested parties would like to share with all kinds of strategies, guidance, financial information and advices.

Investor relations of listed companies announce information routinely via analysts, financial media and public disclosure platform. Today, as well as Board of directors and Chairman, Investor Relations also display a significant role in listed companies and eventually, Financial Communication Strategies is the basic starting point of Investor Relations giving information about company strategies, projections and developments.

All Senior Executives and Board of directors should be in full compliance with their job descriptions and decisions which is extremely important in terms of investors. This compliance is a major factor for increasing the shareholder value in the eyes of investors. Otherwise consequences damaging to investor confidence may encounter with administrative fines and compensation penalties.

At that point, Dalfin supports you to create your communication with investors, analysts, financial media and legal authorities and targets to reach maximum value for shareholders and stakeholders. Also provides protective measures against to possible loss of reputation or trust and any criminal / administrative fines to your management.

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