Project Financing

Project Financing

Modern finance is one of the most important element of management.  We can describe project management as accomplishing specific objectives by monitoring, defining and allocating of resources. The most important issue during this process is focusing on “Project-specific” activities. The focal points are;

1. Unique product output
2. Activities comprising to a start and end point calendar flowing with a certain sequence.

For example, a new car design is a very good example covering all the features mentioned above.  The output of the car in question may be described as  tested, suitable for manufacturing concrete  market vehicle property. When related properties completed for adoption to project, it results with the production of the new car.  After this stage, manufacturing, marketing, sales and services starts as the related responsibility of the resident portion. 

Because of intense competition and rapid changes in the pressure of the process, many organized business activities is slid under large proportion of the project work. Changes in technology and client demand have reduced the repetitive aspects of business process resulting with unique qualification.

A good management is needed to deliver a well designed, under budget project on time. Project manager is expected to direct and convert  the collective ideas , broad knowledge , skills and resources  of senior managers to a system where could be measured and calculated. Briefly, Project Management and the individuals who are directing it, do the large and important jobs of businesses. Kısaca proje yönetimive onu yönlendiren kişiler, işletmelerin büyük ve önemli işlerini hallederler. Let’s summarize the benefits of effective project management.

• Fulfilling work on time and suitable to budget
• Shortening of the development process
• Using effectively every kind of resources.

Here are some of the most important aspects of the project;
• How
• Which timing
• In what way
• How the financing in return should be done.

It is mandatory to combine the modern, accurate and calculated techniques with possible risk analysis to supervise a modern project management and company decision process to finance a project. Information of business accounts  for every penny spent should be given to stakeholders.

Because of this, we are taking measures to meet  the optimal risk to funding resources needed as an organization while analyzing and calculating.

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