Overview of the Turkish Real Estate and Housing Industry Report June 2016

Dalfin Financial and Governance Solutions authors wrote this periodical report for Emlak Konut REIC. Please get in touch with us if you need any further information.

Emlak Konut REIC carries out operations while performing assessments of past and future periods.For this purpose, it keeps a close eye on economic variables, and also on developments related to the industry and business.

The company periodically performs macro and microeconomics, financial and demographic analysis, and bases its executive decisions on these analysis. Performing special analysis has become a necessity for all stakeholders in the face of rising data and analysis needs, in parallel with the fast growth of the construction and housing industry over the past 15 years. Emlak Konut REIC takes on this responsibility to provide the public opinion with comprehensive economy and housing industry analysis, particularly in its annual reports and interim financial reports.

Our report aims to share the data and accurate information with all the stakeholders - an intensely felt need in the industry. The following report primarily examines the Turkish Economy and Housing Industry as well as main related trends. The report consists of four parts.

The first part examines developments in the world economy; and in particular, in the concept of "the new normal" in post-2008 crises up until now. It also deals with and analyzes the significant changes that related economic developments have caused (or may cause) on the economy of the world and of emerging countries.

The second part examines developments in the Turkish economy in recent years and their effect on the industry as well as the important results of the monetary and economic policies implemented in our country.

The topics in part three address the general outlook of the Turkish construction industry, the industry's impact on the country’s growth, production, revenue variables, demographic aspects that affect the industry, and projections. The conclusion of this part looks at the effects of construction costs and interest rates on the industry.

Part four, the final section of the report, talks about the changes in global housing prices, the asset and housing bubble concept, and the analysis of housing prices in Turkey, all while examining the elements that impact future price projections. Emlak Konut, the largest Real Estate Investment Trust in Turkey, strives to shed light on the industry with this report and to fulfill its responsibility as an industry leader by making more accurate information available.

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