Turkish Real Estate Market 2017 Q3

Our Turkish Real Estate Market Reports 2017 Q3 report aims to share accurate information and data with all stakeholders now an intensely felt industry requirement.

The following report primarily examines the Turkish economy and housing industry as well as related main trends. The report consists of four parts.
The first part examines developments in the world economy; and in particular, in the concept of “the new normal” in post-2008 crises up until now. As opposed to March 2017, we limited the scale of economic growth while giving priority to the analysis of the industry-related variables.

The topics in second part address the general outlook of the Turkish construction industry, the industry’s impact on the country’s growth, production, revenue variables, demographic aspects that affect the industry, and the projections. Finally, this part looks at the effects of construction costs and interest rates on the industry.
The third part, also the report’s final part, explains the changes in global housing prices, the asset and housing bubble concepts, and the analysis of housing prices in Turkey, as well as examining the elements influencing future price projections.

Emlak Konut, the largest Real Estate Investment Company in Turkey, strives to shed light on the industry with this report and fulfill its responsibility as an industry leader by providing accurate information.

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